Seller Disclosures and Repairs

It's a given, most homes need some maintenance and repairs, but many home buyers don't want to purchase someone else’s problems. Repair items that buyers can see or their home inspector is likely to discover before you list the property for sale. Agave Premier Properties can guide you and recommend licensed contractors to do repairs that you don't feel comfortable in doing yourself.  
Being upfront and forthcoming about any of your home’s issues will save you lots of money and time, especially if the buyers end up uncovering problems themselves. And they will. On average, home buyers request a 10 day period to do inspections of the property with a professional home inspector. 
Arizona law requires the seller to disclose material (important) facts about the property, even if the seller is not asked by the buyer or a real estate agent. These disclosure obligations remain even if the seller and the buyer agree that no Seller’s Property Disclosure Statement (“SPDS”) will be provided. The SPDS is designed to assist the seller in making these disclosures.

Sellers Need not Disclose Past Deaths, Crimes

Under the Arizona stigmatized property law a seller, a landlord, and any real estate agent are not required to disclose that a natural death, a suicide, or a homicide occurred in the home.